Ryan Luke
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ryan Luke who was born in Oklahoma on September 28, 1992 and passed away on March 04, 1995 at the age of 2 due to child abuse. We will remember him forever.

I will complete Ryan's memorial by Thursday. Please return and keep this angel in your heart. 

Tributes and Condolences
To Ryan and his family   / Mary Johnson (no)
Hi Tammie I just want to give my condolences in the loss of Ryan. He was indeed a special little boy with a endearing smile. My regrets that I did not to get to know him in this life. His light will shine in all of us as we remember him and never for...  Continue >>
you and your family are in my prayers   / Christina Miller (none)
i just wanted to let u guys know that u are in our family's prayers i wanted to also let u know that all of our experiences including the painful and shameful one's have value when u begin using them as tools for growthi know u that as a mother mysel...  Continue >>
If I were a millionaire....   / Angela Stolz (I wish I was.... )
If I were rich I would buy the biggest house with so many bedrooms that all the abused children could come and live with me. I would make sure that they had everything they needed. First and the most important would be love. I would gather up all th...  Continue >>
the real Ryan's myspace page   / Aymie Mooney
www.myspace.com/ryanluke95 sorry I forgot how I worded the address
myspace page   / Aymie Mooney
If that does not work go to www.myspace.com/odie2311 and click on his page through mine his is titled In Lovin Memory of Ryan Luke
MySpace page  / Aymie Mooney     Read >>
looking for help to set up memory page on myspace  / Aymie Mooney     Read >>
NO te olvidamos.....  / Maria De Los Angeles Martin (friend of angel )    Read >>
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His legacy
Ryan Luke Bill  

1995 - Three year old Ryan Aubrey Luke dies in McAlester because of child abuse. OSBI Agents investigate the murder. The crime and subsequent public outcry spawn the "Ryan Luke Bill" to protect Oklahoma children.

Oklahoma City- Governor Frank Keating today signed HB 2053, commonly called the Ryan Luke bill.

"Even though this bill was named for little Ryan Luke, its signing is dedicated to all Oklahoma children who suffer abuse. While a state law can't stop abuse, it certainly can establish a system which protects children as much as possible. I congratulate legislators of both parties who worked to write this important law," Governor Keating said. 

Among the key provisions of the law:

* Requiring monitoring by the court for one year after a child involved in an abuse or neglect situation is returned to parental custody

* Requiring training in child and domestic abuse issues for all judges involved in such cases

* Requiring court-appointed special advocates to be available in all judicial districts and appointment of an attorney to represent the interests of children in abuse cases

* Removing confidentiality from cases involving deaths and providing information to foster parents, law enforcement and child welfare agencies

* Requiring DHS to conduct criminal history investigations of prospective foster family members, and prohibiting placement of a child with any convicted sex offender or domestic abuser

* Permitting postponement of child placement rulings and reviewing when a child's welfare is endangered 

"Growing up in this world is difficult enough for a child without having to worry about being abused by those who are supposed to love and care for you. I feel this new law goes a long way in making the system work on behalf of Oklahoma's children," the Governor said.